The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

I don’t call it writer’s block. It isn’t. I can write a story, but…ugh. There’s no soul. No clicking.

I’m participating in a Short Story Secret Santa. I need to write a short story for someone based on her prompt. I’ve been working on it, but really, nothing is coming. I’m writing and writing. As usual, I’m having more fun coming up with the symptoms of various fake illnesses than how these illnesses play into the story. And researching Victorian medicine (I went to the Warren Anatomical Museum a couple of weeks ago. Utterly fascinating).

I’m sitting and staring blankly at the page, aimlessly with no direction. After picking up a vague direction (stemming from John Snow’s discovery of how cholera is transmitted), I put it down again. It wasn’t working. I picked up a different direction, with one of the same MCs, but this time in a supporting role. No avail. I’m thinking that I need a different MC and some semblance of a plot not tied at all to Snow, cholera, or other infectious diseases.