The Fine Art of Bookbinding

General Geekiness

While my attentions should be turned to writing my WIP, sometimes outside projects have a higher priority. I happily engaged in this one because, well…its just another step in the book process!

I crafted this WWII alphabet book by hand. It was designed using Adobe InDesign CS3.

Image/Book by Beth

Image/Book by Beth

I bound the book using a stich called Japanese Stab Stitch. Beneath the cover, the stitches make a box pattern. I didn’t think to take a picture of the book before adding the finishing ribbon (instead of book tape).

I’m looking forward to one day crafting my own journals. It was a lot of fun (if annoying to my neighbors–I had to use hammer and nails to make sufficient holes in the paper). Painful, too. I hit my fingers a few times!

In the realm of bookbinding, I intend on doing another alphabet book, this time using my own illustrations. The theme? Mythological creatures. I intend on calling in the Alphabeast.